Personal Membership Application

patta appreciates that not everyone who wants to be a member runs a PAT business; so we have the Personal Membership for those people.

The benefits we offer most likely do not apply to you, so we do not include them in your membership, but we will send you a Welcome letter and Certificate, and list your name on our members register. You are also free to use our logo.

As you are not trading we do not provide links to websites or access to benefits; if you want either of these you will need to apply for one of the Sole Trader or business membership options.

If you are employed by an existing member, we recommend you get your name registered under their membership, unless you want a personal membership in your own name.

We find a number of people who attend PAT training courses to help them in their own job, just want a bit of on-going guidance to help them want to be a member of PATTA to access the forum. That’s fine.


As a PATTA Member you get access to all these benefits:

  1. Access to the PATTA members forum
  2. Invitation to our annual Members Meetings
  3. Use of the PATTA logo
  4. Membership Certificate

To get access to all this, you will need to pay an annual joining fee through our Go Cardless direct debit system

Your membership will not be active until the first payment has been received.

Your membership automatically rolls into each new year and payments continue, unless you have already cancelled the direct debit.

By applying to become a member of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association you are agreeing to operate within the parameters of our Professional Standards at all times or risk having your membership cancelled (without refund). 

In order to complete your membership set up we need you to sign up via Go Cardless then complete the application form on the next page

Sign up to pay £25.00 upfront