Thanks for applying to become a member of PATTA;  in order to complete your application you need to set up a payment subscription.  

Membership of PATTA is just £55.00 for 12 months membership; you need to pay today by card via PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account). This will set up a recurring payment that is taken out every 12 months, please note we don’t always have the opportunity to send out reminders when the payment is due (as we do this in our spare time) so make sure you remember when it’ll come out. 

When we receive confirmation of your payment we will activate your membership.

If you don’t have a card send an email to and ask for an invoice to be sent so you can pay by BACS.

Before you pay though there is a few things you need to know and a couple of things to do… 

  1. When we activate your membership, which will be sometime in the next few days, you’ll be sent a confirmation email including your members certificate, the logos, and link to the Facebook group. 
  2. To get your business listed on the members directory we need your business logo; send it as a PNG with transparent background or JPEG to 
  3. Remember, PATTA membership is for you, and if you own a business; your business gets a listing on the directory. 
  4. Directory listings  are in order of join date, with the oldest members to the top.  
  5. We will send you a receipt for payment, but please allow up to 90 days. 
  6. Your membership will keep renewing until you cancel; the benefit to you being if you keep your membership going, even if the prices for new applications goes up, yours stays the same. If you cancel payment or it bounces, your membership will cancel. 

If you are ready to proceed with your application to the UK ‘s only members’ organisation for the PAT Testing industry click on the payment option below.