Advice for when you’re seeking a “PAT tester”

/Advice for when you’re seeking a “PAT tester”
Advice for when you’re seeking a “PAT tester”2018-12-05T21:08:15+00:00

When you’re start looking for a reputable company to do your “PAT testing” it can feel like seeking a needle in a haystack; there are loads of options and each one looks as good as the next, so how do you decide?

Always choose a PATTA approved member;

  • Their credentials are regularly assessed
  • They operate to our Working Standards as a minimum
  • They’re members because they believe in high standards
  • There’s a formal complaints process if you have any issues

If you provide electrical appliances for use in a workplace, be it an office, factory, school, etc. you need to be able to prove that they are safe to use; regular portable appliance tests will confirm this, and if not, the engineer doing the inspection should be able to either fix the issue or advise on the best course of action.

Electrical appliances in the workplace are subject to the Electricity at Work Regulations, amongst others, so you need to make sure that you use a contractor who will not cut corners, putting you at further risk.

You can search our members directory to find a registered company in your local area.