Thank you for choosing to set up a recurring card payment for your PATTA membership. We give you a discount because membership this way saves the association time and money on admin. It is the payment method we prefer you to do.

We don’t send an upfront invoice, and don’t have to remember to send another every year. Your payment simply comes out of your bank and into ours, and that’s it. On receipt we will generate an invoice receipt to send you by email. This can be up to 30 days after the payment is made depending on our processing time.

  • Your membership starts from when we get your application form.
  • You need to set up your recurring payment using the button below; at the end you will be transferred back to this page to complete the application form below. Please make sure you complete the form as your membership will not activate until you do, but you will have paid.
  • If you want to cancel membership at any time you have to contact PayPal to cancel the subscription; the payment is for 12 months membership in advance – once payment has been received it cannot be refunded, so make sure you cancel in advance of your next payment.
  • If payment is not received on the first attempt by PayPal it will try once more; if payment fails again your membership will be cancelled.


Set up Payment FIRST using the button below, then you will be diverted back here to do the application form.

Application Form

Only complete this after setting up the PayPal payment