Raising Portable Appliance Testing Standards

Portable Appliance Testing is an important part of any health and safety policy; the process, done correctly, helps to maintain safe electrical appliances.

However there are a high number of people and some companies not doing it correctly; some intentionally cutting corners to work faster and others through lack of training, support and experience.

Those who cut corners to work faster, thus to make (more) money quicker are intentionally putting lives and your business at risk; those who do it due to the latter, often have your best interests at heart, it’s simply an unfortunate industry issue that there is a lack of suitable training for new and experienced personnel.

The purpose of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is to raise the standards of those operating within the industry so their customers; all customers receive a higher standard of service, all the time, and so that what they are provided with is exactly what they expect.

The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is operated by a steering group, who work independently and as a group, to achieve particular aims and objectives. The group is working on improving available guidance and support, documentation, training and qualifications whilst providing buyers with better tools from which to find suitable contractors.

The work done is funded mainly through the groups own personal finances, and with the help of members paying subscriptions.

The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association invite PAT companies and personnel to support us by joining our networking association, by paying annual subscriptions. For a small fee you can help to make a big improvement to our industry.

Our members are expected to work to minimum standards, ensuring they provide their customers with the appropriate service, as guided by the IET Code of Practice and the Health and Safety Executive. In time, “PATTA” will provide their own unique guidance documents more specific to members; this is one of the projects currently being worked on.

Applicants are assessed for their suitability to be an approved member of the association through a series of checks on their credentials; only after we are satisfied do they have their details listed on this website.

It is the long term goal of PATTA to become an industry leader, regulating its members to ensure their clients are provided with a high service level and appropriate documentation to ensure they remain compliant with all workplace health and safety regulations.

PATTA is currently working alongside other industry bodies on the writing and publication of the next IET Code of Practice for inspection and testing guidance.

Patta” is committed to implementing professional standards which will improve the industry, giving customers peace of mind that when they use a PAT contractor, they are getting the right level of service.

If you have concerns and about the industry and want to help do something about it, and want to show others that you are committed to operating at high standards then maybe a membership to Patta will be right for you.

“Committed to encourage, educate and implement Professional Standards”


PATTA Mission Statement:

The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association provides a service to companies and individuals carrying out Portable Appliance Testing by helping to establish appropriate support and training, devising and implementing appropriate professional standards, providing a forum for discussion and support, and by providing information to assist them in their business and operations.”

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