Raising Portable Appliance Testing Standards

Portable Appliance Testing is an important part of any health and safety policy; the process, done correctly, helps to maintain safe electrical appliances.

A concern amongst those operating in the “PAT” community is that their may be appliances that have been deemed safe, that are in fact not, due to a lack of understanding by the person carrying out the test, or by the person cutting corners.

The aim of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is to improve the standards within the industry that we operate, including such areas as training, qualifications, guidance and regulations.

patta” is committed to implementing professional standards which will improve the industry, giving customers peace of mind that when they use a PAT contractor, they are getting the right level of service.

If you have concerns and about the industry and want to help do something about it, and want to show others that you are committed to operating at high standards then maybe a membership to patta will be right for you.

“Committed to encourage, educate and implement Professional Standards”

A trade association to represent the PAT Testing industry 

  1. Do you care about the industry you work in? 
  2. Are you concerned that others’ standards don’t match yours?
  3. Do you think training options are limited for PAT testers?
  4. Are you confused about the available guidance?
  5. Do you yearn for a body to support you? 
  6. Do you want to be part of an industry wide association?
  7. Do you want the PAT industry to be recognised as a professional trade?
  8. Do you want the PAT industry to be regulated? 
  9. Do you want clearer legalities? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you should consider joining patta. 

There are many people working in the industry doing an excellent job to high standards; many of whom are our members – but there are also a few that are not.

It is public knowledge that entry into the PAT industry is relatively easy, with only a short course required, and it is this amongst other things, that patta wants to improve. However, we are not saying that the people who have done this course, are the problem; far from it, many are the standard bearers of our trade. patta just wants to make sure that the right facilities are in place to help everyone already in, and coming in to the industry.

For example; once qualified a person can set up and trade as a business, and there is no requirement for ongoing or refresher training – there are not many industries still operating this loosely.

There is not currently any bodies regulating the PAT industry; patta, may do that later, but for now we are aiming to change the policies and practices so that there is more professionalism across the board, that may in time warrant the need for a regulator. If patta becomes that body, so be it.


patta is working to improve these issues.

patta is an association for people who operate in the Portable Applaince Testing industry; it is for people who care about improving our industry, no matter how much or how little experience they may have. patta is an association for genuine people who care and want to change the industry for the better.

It is patta’s objective to improve the training, support and guidance available. 

But patta can’t do this without the help of those within the industry; patta represents the people in the industry and speaks for them with other bodies and associations.

Now is your opportunity to get on board and support what patta is trying to achieve by becoming a member, pledging your support to improving the industry. Find out more about membership.

The future of PAT

This is a very interesting time for the PAT Testing industry, with the UK government taking electrical safety very seriously at the moment. Brexit is likely to bring changes to the legislation, with much to be decided over the next few months. The government were already in the process of setting up a new ‘Office for Product Safety‘ – mainly due to the issue of counterfeit and non-UK standard electrical items, but of course the tragic fire at Grenfell in June 2017 has brought that much more into sharper focus.

Without a trade association to represent the PAT Testing industry, its been left to commercial companies to push forward on issues such as PAT Testing in rented properties, and whilst this is welcome, it can create suspicion of commercial interest and cynicism.

patta is already represented within these government circles, and we have been represented in many meetings at Westminster along with other trade associations, politicians, ministers, and government officials.

patta is also talking to the IET about the next Code of Practice, and City and Guilds with the aim of creating a new qualification for portable appliance testing, to replace 2377.

patta is also looking to create the PAT testers ‘On-site guide’.

There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, by the steering group that represent the members, and established the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association.

If you would like to be involved in changing the PAT testing industry for the better, you can start by applying for membership. patta is an association of members and will have annual events to showcase what we have been doing, and has a few benefits to offer members in support. The money you pay for your membership goes towards covering the costs incurred in trying to achieve our objectives.


PATTA Mission Statement:

The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association provides a service to companies and individuals carrying out Portable Appliance Testing by helping to establish appropriate support and training, devising and implementing appropriate professional standards, providing a forum for discussion and support, and by providing information to assist them in their business and operations.”

View our objectives


Please note: Whilst information is listed, and payment options are available, at this moment we are not accepting membership applications. We recommend you sign up for updates, and when we are ready to take on new members we will inform you.