Free Resources –  a little bit of help

We’ve all been where you are now; you need a little bit of help to start or run your business but you just can’t find it; that’s why we started PATTA – the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association 

  • To help fellow PAT testers
  • To represent the industry
  • To connect PAT Testers

When setting up or running a PAT Testing business there is so much to consider – what to charge, what tester to buy, how to manage staff, what marketing to do, cashflow, marketing, accounts, payroll, and so on. On top of that you’ve got admin, paperwork, legal compliance etc.

These resources from PATTA are intended to help you, they’re just a little bit to get you started, or to help you grow.

We’re offering these resources because we are committed to raising the standards in our industry and feel by offering these we are helping do that.

If you need help and aren’t ready to join PATTA just yet you can chat to peers in our public Facebook group here.

We have provided free access to some of our most popular documents requested by our members:

To get access to these helpful resources you need to be signed up as a member of PATTA.

You can join PATTA here.