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What is PATTA?

The Portable Appliance Testing Trading Association is a membership organisation who campaign on behalf of the “PAT testing” industry to ensure legislation, regulation, support and guidance is appropriate to the industry’s needs. We provide technical advice, guidance, training and are a vital resource to those working in the portable appliance testing industry.

In 2013, three people formed what was then known as the PAT Testing Network, so the start of the association we know today, was born. These enthusiastic individuals’ main purpose was (and still is) to raise working standards in the industry by lobbying the authorities and helping to provide appropriate information concerning the skills and knowledge needed to be a competent PAT technician/engineer/etc.

The Association provides a social media forum for discussion among members, and regular meetings. 

The Association is not an industry regulator, although it expects its members to adhere to its own minimum professional standards – if you care enough about standards to support PATTA then you will have standards anyway. 

The main work of the Association is two fold:

  1. Lobbying and attending meetings with authorities in order to ensure the PAT industry is properly represented, and their voice is heard, and
  2. Getting the people who do PAT to work together, collaborate, share ideas, best practice, problems, etc. 

What does PATTA do?

PATTA was set up to make changes to the way people enter the industry, and develop whilst in it, and to provide a source of help for members. PATTA is a resource for members to find information and advice within the electrical appliance testing industry. We advise on safety, good practice and working methods, whilst also providing publications and document templates to support this knowledge and business practice. We encourage our members to validate and develop their skills through training and sharing best practice – We encourage networking and the exchange of information for the betterment of our members and the industry as a whole.

We have a steering group with focus on the interests of our members and carrying out the necessary work to ensure PATTA meets its goals. 

How does it work?

PATTA is a not-for-profit, limited by guarantee company, with 2 directors and a 4-member steering group that works to meet the objectives of the association.

These 6 work hard, often at their own personal cost to improve the industry.

The association has a “charitable” framework supported by membership. PATTA is run by the 2 directors and the steering group made up of members who maintain the running PATTA. All members of PATTA can apply for a seat on the steering group.

PATTA has three membership types, available to a range of people. From those just joining the industry , to qualified experienced engineers and electricians, through to trainers, suppliers, and manufacturers! Membership types including personal, business and associate.

Memberships can be in the name of a person or a business and have their name and brand associated with PATTA and its work.

How is PATTA funded?

PATTA is funded through personal funds of the directors and from the sale of memberships

The objectives of PATTA

The objectives of PATTA are:

  1. To promote the portable appliance testing industry
  2. To be a central representative body to put the views of portable appliance testing companies to government departments and agencies, Parliament and other relevant organisations.
  3. To research and develop needs for training, and support for those conducting portable appliance testing and other relevant market information.
  4. To be a technical centre providing commentary, guidance and advice on all legal and other regulatory developments of relevance to portable appliance testing.
  5. To provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information and support.
  6. To provide opportunities for members to network with other members.


1. Technical Help and Advice

PATTA provides access to support and advice via our members area, other members and Facebook group. 

2. Networking Opportunities

PATTA provides a member only Facebook group, connection to other members via the online directory and regular member meet ups

3. Discount schemes

We have sourced discounts off the cost of equipment, software, labels and calibration for our members

4. Events

We organise events throughout the year which PATTA Members can attend. 

5. Steering Group

Anybody with PATTA Membership may apply to the Steering Group if you have interest. 

6. Use of logo

All members can display the PATTA logo on their clothing, stationery, vehicles etc. showing that they operate to high standards, giving their customers peace of mind.