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PATTA – The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

PATTA is here to support PAT testing business owners and those working in the industry. Our mission is to ensure all those working in the industry are Competent to do so, and all businesses are insured and safe.

PATTA is and aims to provide the support members need including training and professional development, supplier discounts, useful documents and resources to help you grow and succeed in business.

Whilst PATTA will help you understand, provide support etc. it’s aim is to raise standards in the industry by ensuring the right training and support is available, so all members are competent to inspect and test electrical equipment.

We are developing industry leading training, support and guidance; we work with the IET, Government, etc. and have negotiated with suppliers to get great deals for members.

Portable appliance testing trade association https://patta.co.uk

We are the UK’s only trade body for PAT testing

The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is made up of PAT engineers, business owners and trainers who have seen the industry devalued, damaged by cowboys and feel there is a need to raise standards.

It is our aim through attending important meetings and social media to raise the profile of the industry; to discuss the good and the bad, to share best practice and to improve the way the industry is viewed.

PATTA provides the voice of the industry at important meetings with the IET, government bodies etc, where no one else does.

PATTA was part of the IET committee for the 5th edition of the Code of Practice and were heavily involved in the writing of the book. We have also held numerous meetings with bodies including the IET, HSE, British Standards, Electrical Safety First, The Department for Trade and Industry, and others.

The members of PATTA support and assist each other; by working together we can help to raise standards, and to educate customers to the benefits of proper PAT testing.

We insist that all our members operate professionally at all times, in line with our Working Standards.

“PATTA” is the only recognised trade body for the “PAT” testing industry.

PATTA’s 3 main objectives:

  • To provide a voice for the industry at meetings and events

  • To connect people in the industry on and offline

  • To encourage, educate, support and guide where it’s needed

Meet the Team

Richard Ayre, Operations Director

Richard Ayre

Operations Director

Tim James, Standards Director

Tim James

Standards Director

Lee Turtle


Chris Moore

Membership Manager

Membership Benefits

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Access to training2024-04-11T18:48:07+00:00

Training courses for PAT are not readily available; PATTA runs regular courses and plans to produce helpful training videos (coming in 2024).

Support Network2024-04-11T18:46:49+00:00

Whether you want someone to inspire you or someone to empathise with the latest disaster, our Facebook community will be there for you.

Best Practice2024-04-11T18:46:05+00:00

Use our templates to ensure you have the correct documentation, terms and conditions and contracts to protect your business (coming soon in 2024)

Save Money2024-04-11T18:45:32+00:00

Save money with supplier discounts, this alone will pay for your membership

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