Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

Welcome to the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

PATTA is recognised in the UK as being a standards bearer for the industry; we represent the values of good practice and the high standards expected of our members and the industry.

Today we represent over 150 members and welcome new members every week.

Our goal is to raise standards in the industry by sharing best practices, help and support our members and to represent the industry when important decisions are being made that affect it.

As a PAT tester, have you ever started a new job only to be shocked by the sub-standard quality of the previous PAT testing company? Or are you a one-man band, new to the industry, struggling to get established and wishing you had someone to talk to who knew exactly what you needed help with? If this sounds like you, then you are exactly where we were when we knew the PAT testing industry needed a PAT testing association. This is why PATTA started.

Help when you need it from other PAT Testers

PATTA helps to connect PAT testers and provide a support network – working alone, for yourself or running a team of engineers, being in business can be tough, and whether you are established or just starting out, you will need support and a friend. Our community can help you and will listen to you; we’ll help you get to where you want to go.
The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association (PATTA) is working hard to raise standards in the electrical equipment testing industry. Our mission is to ensure every PAT tester is competent by providing the right training and guidance.
Keeping up to date with and correctly understanding industry technology, guidance, news, etc can be a minefield. Membership of PATTA will give you real-time information and help you interpret and understand it in a way that will help with the growth of your business and self development.
The PAT testing industry is unique. It can be fulfilling and challenging at the same time. PATTA offer tailored solutions to common problems specific to the industry including help from industry experts, real guidance, marketing, pricing, accounts, recruitment, health and safety, contracts, training, and much more.

“PATTA” is raising standards through representing the industry; supporting and guiding members

PATTA – What we do

Live Training and Workshops

We hold regular in person training workshops and masterclasses on topics such as British Standards and Temporary Event electrical safety; we will be adding an online training library of guidance, and business support in the near future which will become a key benefit of membership as members will be able to access all the recordings 24/7 as often as they like!

Specialist industry guidance

PATTA has some of the most experienced PAT testers and electricians on board, who can help and support you. Our specialist training workshops and courses are second to none in the industry. We can all benefit from the knowledge and experience of our peers, and the help and guidance they can give us.

24/7 Online Live Peer Support

Our Members Only Facebook group is active 24 hours per day with experienced business owners who enjoy sharing their experiences. This group grows friendships and knowledge in a relaxed environment. Our PATTA Directors are active in this group too, answering questions and supporting our members on a daily basis.

Provide essential business support

Everything you need to start and grow your PAT testing business will soon be available to members, coming in 2024. From employment advice to guidance on increasing prices, to holiday calculators, everything you need will be there or added to as time goes by.

Discounts on software and essential products

In order to help you get the very best value from your membership subscription to the Portable Appliance Testing Trading Association, we work hard to bring you offers and deals from some of the best suppliers in our industry. All our members get discounts off PAT testing labels, software and calibration.

Representation of the industry

PATTA was established to help connect PAT testers, and to represent the industry – we work tirelessly to raise standards and to improve guidance. PATTA played a major part in the writing of the latest IET Code of Practice, we have been involved in various meetings in Parliament, with British Standards and the Department for Trade and Industry amongst others, so our voice is being heard.

PATTA Membership

Could becoming a member benefit you?

» PATTA studies and follows the British Standards and works with the IET
» PATTA gives you access to exclusive educational courses which upskills the industry
» PATTA is trying to educate and support buyers
» You will be investing in the Industry
» You will be supporting the reduction of electrical accidents
» You get the benefit of a professional body to liaise with
» PATTA is promoting the Industry
» Discount on Labels, calibration and software
» Our members only Facebook Group offers a safe space to gain support from industry peers