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We have over 100 members across the UK to do your PAT Testing

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“PATTA” is raising standards through representing the industry; supporting and guiding members

PATTA members know the benefits of having standards – they know that by having standards their customers are happier with the service and their business reputation grows; and their customers see the benefits of the standards in the work they receive. 

PATTA members know that a good reputation makes for a good business which leads to more happy customers

PATTA members also know that the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is creating a reputation that standards matter to them; their members have standards and the fact that they have joined up to support PATTA’s work shows that they value industry standards being improved.

PATTA has been involved in the full process of the latest version of the IET’s Code of Practice and regularly sits in meetings as the go to source for portable appliance testing, with the likes of the Department for Trade and Industry.

The purpose of the association is to represent the industry; to make the industry heard, and it’s working – The new Code of Practice for Inspection and Testing has been written, taking into account the operator’s opinion and needs; because we fought for that to happen.

PATTA wants to improve the industry. To do that; training, skills, support and guidance needs improving, as does education of the decision makers… by being involved in the Code of Practice we’ve taken a big step on our journey.

You can help PATTA do it’s work by joining as a member. When you display the PATTA logo your customers will see you have standards, and see that you are part of something with added value. When you join PATTA your small fee goes a long way to helping us do our work.

When you join PATTA you get your company details on the member’s directory so other members can find you, may be even potential customers too. You also get discounts off labels, calibration and software, plus the respect of fellow members who may even choose to work with you – you also get access to our exclusive members only Facebook group.

You can join over 100 active members who have opted to join and support the work the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is doing.

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PATTA is not a regulator

This has to be said, it has to be made very clear. PATTA is NOT a regulator. PATTA gets a lot of stick on social media channels because it doesn’t accredit, inspect or regulate its members; that’s because we don’t need to. PATTA is not a regulator, and is not currently trying to be; we have not set up PATTA to be a regulator or to become one and we don’t need to regulate members. What we do we can do with or without members, although we would always prefer to have members backing us and supporting us.

PATTA is a group of people providing a voice for the small businesses opertating in our industry because we feel that that is important and necessary. 

Those same people that slate us are the ones we are trying to help; but we can’t help them if they are not prepared to help themselves a little bit. PATTA isn’t about getting hundreds of members or to make money, we’re doing this for the good of our industry and members should want to be involved or want to support what we are doing – our members have standards of their own and they agree to our working standards.

We all have a vested interest in PATTA proving a success because we all have PAT testing businesses; we wouldn’t do it otherwise. 

But we are not here to regulate; we volunteer our time to do this – we don’t take a wage out of the business, only costs are covered. The benefit to us is our industry, our companies, the job we do, being taken seriously. 

If you want to compare us to something, plenty do, don’t compare us to the NICEIC or NAPIT, as that is not what we are about, compare us to the e5 group, who are probably the closest the electrical industry has to what we are. 

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