The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association
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We are the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

What PATTA does for the industry

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What PATTA offers to members

connecting the pieces of the pat industry

Before this association was formed the Portable Appliance Testing industry had no representation; decisions were being made in meeting rooms around the UK and Europe that affected the industry and nobody was representing the businesses that operated within in. Agreements were being reached that directly impacted on the operators, who had had no say in how that agreement had been reached.

As a result the industry currently has guidance that is weak and in parts incorrect; a qualification based on the guidance rather than competency, no direct regulations, and a reputation that is not in keeping with the professional attititude of most of the operators. 

The ‘PA testing’ industry is like the electrical industry; made up primarily of small local businesses, but where electricians are treated with respect and professionalism, PAT operators are not. Because of a lack of available training, weak qualifications and minimal regulation the status of a person who has standards is affected. 

PATTA, was founded by people who wanted to change that; the association is a group of individuals who are striving for change – they represent the membership, providing an all important voice at meetings that affect them. 

Through PATTA, the industry is currently represented on the committee creating the 5th Edition of the Code of Practice for Inspection and Testing, among other things. PATTA offers memberships to raise funds to help cover the costs of our work. 

PATTA is looking to improve qualification and training standards to help improve the industry as a whole. 

There are many operators in this industry who represent high professional standards and support what ‘PATTA’ is trying to achieve; they want the same things. PATTA was founded in 2012, by a couple of guys who had such standards, but felt the industry operators didn’t have the representation they needed – at the time the 4th edition of the Code of Practice had been released and every insider new it was flawed. 

PATTA is trying to make things better – by working on the 5th edition, its a start; by attending meetings with Electrical Safety First, British Standards, the Government, we are starting to make progress. 

Doing this doesn’t come cheap and most of the costs incurred have come from our own pockets; memberships were offered to raise funds to help pay for some of these costs. 

In return a member gets representation they didn’t have before, and can wear the PATTA logo on their clothes and display it on their company documents – showing you too have high standards. In addition PATTA has sourced some discounts from industry suppliers which will save you money.

Furthermore PATTA Members have the unique opportunity to network using our exclusive Facebook group; and can use the discussion forum on our members site. Members also get a profile on our directory which lets you link your website, and may get you leads from potential customers.

Any business or person, of any size, can join the association.   

Join the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

If you want to become a member to support what the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is trying to achieve you can do so by clicking on the button below. Membership costs just £50.00 per annum, payable by direct debit, and every member gets:

  • Representation when important decisions are being made that may impact on you and your business
  • A welcome email with getting started information and your certificate
  • Access to discounts for PAT testing labels, machine calibration, software, training, equipment, etc. 
  • Use of the members only Facebook group
  • Use of the members only Forum
  • A profile on our members directory which you can update (addition registration required)
  • A listing on our members list
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