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If you are looking for a PAT testing company to test electrical appliances for you then we may be able to help, either contact us direct and we’ll put you in touch with a local member, or visit the member directory to view the members in your area. 

What is the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association trying to do?

PAT testing labels - portable appliance testing trade association is raising standards

Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

the Portable appliance testing trade association | pat testing directory

Make a difference by Raising Standards

The PAT industry is different to many others; there is no regulations, and minimal support or guidance; training opportunities are limited and the qualifications sub-standard. People that come into the industry are often making a fresh start on their career journey or working for national companies and being paid peanuts. Most people want to be able to provide a better service for their customers and to offer a higher standard of work, but due to the lack of regulation, training, support, guidance etc. and due to supposed ‘big’ companies driving down prices to win other business, their hands are tied. 

The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association was formed to try to change the industry; to raise standards through providing better guidance, support, training, regulation, qualifications etc. 

PATTA – Raising Standards 

“PATTA” was formed by the joining of a group of people from within the industry, who are (slowly) making progress, by making an impression with the powers that be that inspection and testing of electrical appliances is important and should be taken more seriously. PATTA takes the issues to meetings with boards, trusts, government etc and fights for change. 

This is never going to be a quick process; PAT as it is now has been moving along the same path for around 50 years, so there are a lot of minds to convince but we know the importance of a properly supported industry. PATTA is working not just to convince others but in providing its own guidance and support to members as well as non-members and the public we hope to raise standards, from which the industry can build on. 

patta - raising standards in pat testing

Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

the Portable appliance testing trade association | pat testing directory
portable appliance testing trade association is connecting people

Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

the Portable appliance testing trade association | pat testing directory

PATTA – Connecting People

The best way to raise standards in an industry is to connect that industry; you may be in competition with your neighbour, but why not be friends too, maybe even help each other out so you can take on bigger projects. The PAT industry is broken in to 2 clear sides – the small business predominantly made up of one man bands doing smaller jobs trying to make a living, and larger companies taking up all the big jobs – those smaller companies need somewhere to talk, they need to be able to help and guide each other.

The associations’ Facebook group is the perfect place to do this; a quick dip in and out on your smart phone is enough to see what’s going on and ask questions when you have an issue. PATTA also offers the opportunity to network face to face with an annual meet-up which takes place at a central location on the last Friday in September every year. 

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