Committed to Encourage, Educate and Implement Professional Standards

Committed to Encourage, Educate and Implement Professional Standards
Committed to Encourage, Educate and Implement Professional Standards2019-02-05T14:37:27+00:00

PATTA for the trade

PATTA is an association for people involved in the electrical appliance testing trade, to help them to connect with each other, to provide support for them and to represent them; providing a voice for the industry when important decisions that affect it are being made.

PATTA for the consumer

PATTA, as an association demands its members to operate to particular professional standards to ensure their customers receive a value for money service that meets recommended guidance, to ensure equipment they say is safe, is safe.

Why is a trade association needed?

Most, if not all other industries have trade associations which people operating within the industry can be members of. The association will usually support its members, represent them when decisions being made affects them and provide opportunities for them to network with their peers.

  • The PAT testing industry does not have such a facility, PATTA is making progress to change that.
  • PATTA currently represents its members at important national meetings, including the writing of the next IET Code of Practice.
  • PATTA provides opportunities for its members to network with each other through an online group and regular social events.
  • PATTA is working on a “toolkit”;  a source of useful documents to help its members doing their work and in their business; a series of guidance documents.

Why should you join?

How often do you go to a job and have complaints about the company that was there before you, or have a concern about work you’re doing? Do you have worries about the job you’re doing or not understand elements of your work. If you have any concerns then PATTA could be useful to you.

Do you yearn for someone to work with, or to get to know people in your area who also do PAT; PATTA offers opportunities to connect you with other people in your area – we’ll even introduce you if you need it.

PATTA is there for you, yes there is a fee to join, but the benefits are endless.