All PATTA Members

This is a list of all our current members; members who have not continued their membership have been removed and new members will be added within a few days of joining. 

We currently have 147 active members (last updated 7th June 2021)

Start date First Name Surname Company
Sept 2018 Andrew Mitchell FTS Safety Solutions
Sept 2018 Chris Moore CJM PAT Testing
Sept 2018 Richard  Ayre DRA PAT Testing
Sept 2018 Steve Gubb Ultimate IES
Sept 2018 Mark Davis Marks PAT Testing
Sept 2018 Ed Gorman Durham PAT Testing
Sept 2018 Ed Cummings ATMAN UK Ltd
Sept 2018 Alec  Clarke FairPat
Sept 2018 T-P-T Teesside
Sept 2018 Dave Baker DAB Testing Services
Sept 2018 Tony Findley T and F Solutions 18
Sept 2018 David Holt David Holt Engineering
Sept 2018 Dennis Lang Bee Safe Portable Appliance Testing
Sept 2018 Russell Morhen Morhen and Sons
Sept 2018 Roger Lowden Rognic Electrical Services
Sept 2018 Lee Turtle PAT-IT
Sept 2018 Tim James PAT Testing Expert
Sept 2018 Jim Green Green Sparks Electrics
Sept 2018 Phil Pantling Initial PAT Testing
Sept 2018 Justin Keegan Bishop Auckland PAT Testing
Sept 2018 Neil Burke Smart PAT Testing
Sept 2018 Dave Bridgewater DMB Services
Sept 2018 Les Carrigan-Smith SMC PAT Testing
Sept 2018 Neil Leak Lincs PAT Testing
Sept 2018 Gareth Baker R Baker Electrical
Sept 2018 Jim Wallace Gambica
Oct 2018 Martin  Tolson MLT PAT Services
Oct 2018 Adrian Burks Skybur Testing
Oct 2018 Steve Matthews PAT Test Me UK
Oct 2018 Sean Woodward Northern PAT Guard
Oct 2018 Ian Griffiths IDG Tool Repair & Electrical
Nov 2018 Terry Hughes Britannia Fire Compliance
Nov 2018 Glynn Maddock Allsafe PAT Testing Services
Nov 2018 Ben Morrison Caterham PAT Testing
Nov 2018 Geoffrey  Stock GS Services
Nov 2018 David Prout Plymouth Sparky
Nov 2018 David  Halls Halls RMS Ltd
Nov 2018 Stuart Smith Emerald PAT Testing
Nov 2018 Paul Boniface PAT Test Direct
Feb 2019 Kieron Fox Fox Systems
Feb 2019 Jamie Morgan ESI: Electrical Safety Inspections
Feb 2019 Grant Foster Kingsmead Testing
Feb 2019 Mike Rowson SRB PAT Testing
Mar 2019 Edward Smith ES PAT Safety
Mar 2019 Matthew Harris Solutions UK
Mar 2019 Stephen Brown SRB PAT Testing
Apr 2019 Paul  Bancroft Weymouth Services
May 2019 Paul James  
May 2019 Robert Barker RAB Medical
May 2019 Dave Bacon  
Jun 2019 Tim Jones Plugsafe Portable Appliance Testing
Jul 2019 John Davison JD PAT Testing
Jul 2019 Liam Reed Trent Safety Services Ltd
Jul 2019 Richard  Liggins RSL Services
Aug 2019 Julie  Marshall Bristol PAT Testing
Aug 2019 Nick Gurney Norvon Portable Appliance Testing
Aug 2019 Adam Witcomb Terling PAT Testers
Aug 2019 Samuel Bye Flux PAT Testing
Sep 2019 Craig Perkins CRG Building Maintenance
Sep 2019 Matthew Nicholls MN Security Services
Nov 2019 Gary  Langley EWM Ltd
Nov 2019 Mitch Minson Jersey PAT Testing
Dec 2019 Paul Skinner SSS Fire and Security
Dec 2019 Jamie Wood Purplewood PAT Testers
Jan 2020 Sayyed Vaseem Hussain PAT786
Jan 2020 Robert Thompson Southern PAT Testing
Jan 2020 Andrew Fitches APF Safety Services
Jan 2020 Colin  Debney PAT Testing West Midlands
Jan 2020 Florin Nistor SE Electrics Surrey
Mar 2020 Andy Gray AMG PAT Testing Services
Mar 2020 Ryan Alcock  
Mar 2020 Rashad Rasul Abbeyfield Electrical
Mar 2020 Simon Woods Woods of Winchester Electrical
Apr 2020 Keith Davies Appliance Testing Services
Apr 2020 Michael Ives Appliance Safe PAT Testing
May 2020 Kevin Hibbert Blackburn PAT Testing Ltd
May 2020 Nick  Walton Walton’s Facilities Management Ltd
May 2020 Adam  Miles ProSafe Electrical Safety Testing
May 2020 Graham Harbud Global Compliance UK
May 2020 Mick  Hardy Hardy Safety Compliance Services
May 2020 Eric Bhakar PAT Testing Company
May 2020 Nathan  Watters Wattech Ltd
June 2020 Anton Burridge Burridge Electrical
June 2020 Colin Meakin Sparky Electrical Services
June 2020 Tony Tassell Essex PAT testing
June 2020 Allan Parkinson Jireh Property Services
July 2020 David Mulhatton Rayven Ltd
July 2020 Raphael Magnus Safe Electric
July 2020 Jordan Walters-Pennell Sitewide Technical Services Ltd
July 2020   Adam  Swinney  Three Rivers Health and Safety 
July 2020 Ruaraidh Ferguson Western Isles Energy and Property Services
July 2020 Neil Wright South East PAT Testing
July 2020 Roger Lyle Lyle and Company
Aug 2020 John Miles P&J Electrical Services
Aug 2020 Mike Pope BS48 Services
Aug 2020 Jasun Anderson Anderson Compliance Services
Aug 2020 Daniel Woodward Amptest Services
Aug 2020 Andy Jones The PAT Test Engineer
Aug 2020 Louise Redgate Rouse Positive PAT Testing
Sept 2020 Chris Keeney JFN Integrated Solutions Ltd
Sept 2020 James  Turnbull Ideal Cleaning Centre
Sept 2020 Daniel Lever DDL PAT Testing
Sept 2020 Paul Jones C-P Fire & PAT testing
Sept 2020 Mick Jeffryes MJ PAT Testing
Sept 2020 Daniel Philips ECFM Services
Oct 2020 Danny  O’Brien Danwise
Nov 2020 Nigel Reed Reed Property Solutions
Nov 2020 Matthew Shipley Selby Safety Services
Nov 2020 Chris  Newton-Goverd  Touch Safe Ltd 
Dec 2020 Athony Nixon AFN Industrial Services
Dec 2020 Joanne Hicks No Worries PAT testing
Dec 2020 Steve Wall Central Communication Services
Jan 2021 Duncan Wilde Elite Fire & Electrical Pro
Jan 2021 Iain Britton Brittons Group Ltd PAT Testing
Jan 2021 Karol Kasprowicz A&K PAT Testing
Feb 2021 David Murray DBM PAT Testing
Feb 2021 Anthony Staples Supero Services
Feb 2021  Paul  McCann  Flame Fire Safety Training 
Feb 2021 Peter Onions PAT Test Pete
Feb 2021 Shaun  Wheeler DC Engineering
Mar 2021 Benjamin Parnham EnvSafe Portable Appliance Testing
Mar 2021 Dave Butcher St Ives PAT Testing
Mar 2021 Jason Cole Argonaut PAT Testing
Mar 2021 Craig Holland CAH Electrical
Mar 2021 Richard Burton RB Services Compliance
Apr 2021 Neil Mattock MATPAT PAT Testing Services
Apr 2021 Daniel Eaton Plug PAT Testing
Apr 2021 Paul Holland Safe Continuity Electrical
Apr 2021 Anthony McIntyre 3 Spires Testing Ltd
Apr 2021 Garry Farrell GSF PAT Testing Ltd
May 2021 Anna Watt Technical Smart Services
May 2021 Andrew Moore AM PAT Services
May 2021 Steve Clarke Solihull PAT Testing UK
May 2021 James Ranson UK PAT
Jun 2021 Matthew  Braddick Wharfedale PAT testing
Jun 2021 Marc Trout Inserve Compliance
Jul 2021 Stuart  Marshall Value Testing Services
Jul 2021 Jeff Bell Live Wire PAT Testing
Jul 2021 Louise  Richmond  Pattco
Jul 2021 Christopher Holcroft Holcroft Services
Aug 2021 Jeremy  Braithwaite Ace PAT Testing
Aug 2021 Mark Frost MRF Fire & Safety
Aug 2021 Stehen  Dagsland SD Electrical Safety
Aug 2021 Jonathon Backhouse Plug Safe Lincs
Aug 2021 Daniel Cognolato DC PAT Services
Sep 2021 Suzanne Barker PATchwork Appliance Testing