To list your business on the members directory, for use by other members and potential customers please complete this form. 

When you do complete the form make sure that the information you provide is correct; that it includes correct capitalisation, correct punctuation, correct spellings etc. What you input will not be edited and will be published directly on the search index. 

For the address, put each new line of the address on a new line, for example:

123 Fourth Avenue

NOT 123 Fourth Avenue, Smallville, DN1 2TN

When inputting phone numbers do not use spaces between sections of the number

Your name will not be shown on the directory, but the email address and telephone number you provide will be; as will your address, business name, and website. Anything you do not want to show you should not include, however if you do not provide any address info you will not appear in search results. 

You are also responsible for editing your own listing and keeping it up to date. 

At the end of the form you must tick the terms and conditions box – don’t worry about the content discussing payment, that’s what we pay for having the search engine on the site. 

Your submission will be checked by our admin before publishing, however we only check that you are a member; we do not correct any mistakes.

Usually entries will be published within about a week.