Welcome new member

Welcome to and thank you for joining the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association, or PATTA. 

The main purpose of PATTA is to represent members when discussions happen that affect our lives; doing so takes a lot of time, effort and money, most of which we do out of our pocket. Your subs help us to cover some of these costs, and the costs of running the association. 

PATTA tries to provide guidance, help and support to our members when it is requested; if you feel you need any help please contact us by email, and the most appropriate person will respond. 

As a PATTA member you will be connected to other members, some who are very experienced who can help you with your queries, so the Facebook group is the first place you should seek help from. 

Your membership will be activated in the next 10 days, after which you will be sent a new members welcome email, which will include further information. 

Until then, best wishes and if you need any help please email me by completing the form below. Please note it can take a while for me to respond, as my PATTA work is done in my spare time. 



Richard Ayre, Operations Director, on behalf of PATTA. 

p.s. why not start chatting to fellow members today on our Facebook group