How you can help improve the industry by joining PATTA:

  • PATTA studies and follows the British Standards and works with the IET
  • PATTA gives you access to exclusive educational courses which upskills the industry
  • PATTA is trying to educate and support buyers
  • You will be investing in the Industry
  • You will be supporting the reduction of electrical accidents
  • You get the benefit of a professional body to liaise with
  • PATTA is promoting the Industry
  • Discount on Labels, calibration and software
  • Our members only Facebook Group offers a safe space to gain support from industry peers

Ready to become a member of PATTA?

PATTA membership will help you grow your business, and succeed in the industry.

Your membership will provide you with 24/7 support and the benefit of being a member of the only recognised trade association for the PAT testing industry. 

PATTA is striving to improve the industry by improving access to useful training, that helps to take people who may have no electrical background, or lots to being proficient, competent PAT Testers.

PATTA was set up by a group of people just like you who felt there was a real need to raise standards in the industry – through being involved in writing the latest Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing we really are pushing standards in the industry.

About PATTA Membership

Some question why we continue to use the term “Portable Appliance Testing” when others are pushing for change to Electrical Equipment Testing; well we stick by the ethos that some of the best figures in this industry are not practicing electricians and therefore should not be forced to do an electricians job. Electrical equipment that is hard wired should only be UNwired by someone competent to do so – i.e. a qualified electrician. But there is no reason why someone otherwise suitably trained, experienced and ideally qualified (but always deemed competent) shouldn’t be able to unplug a device to inspect and test it.

It is the people doing that job that we are here to represent. Electricians are represented by the likes of the NICEIC and NAPIT etc, and are more than welcome to join PATTA, but the aim of PATTA is to help, support and represent people who inspect and test portable electrical devices – those that can be unplugged.

When you become a PATTA member you immediately get access to a support hub consisting of some very experienced people in the industry who can help you, whether that be in growing your business, or your knowledge of portable appliance testing. If you run a business you get the added benefit of being able to display our member logo on your company materials, and a listing of your company on our members directory, that currently ranks in the top 3 on Google. You also get access to discounts on products and services, access to our private members Facebook group which brings with it a wealth of helpful guidance.

  • When you join PATTTA you will be helping to improve our industry, and only together, can we can achieve that.
  • PATTA is currently going through a transitional period. Work is underway to upgrade the PATTA service, with more support, training tools and guidance (which will obviously come at a higher price). However, in the mean time we continue to rely on your support, so continue to offer our current membership level.
  • When PATTA does launch under the new approach, existing members will be able to trial it until their renewal and then benefit from a discount on the new price; so joining now will be a money saver for the future.
  • When you do join PATTA you will have the status of knowing you are a member of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association which shows your clients you work to the industry’s minimum Working Standards.

Application to Join PATTA

Membership starts at just £55.00 per annum, payable by direct debit, upfront. Every member gets access to:

  • Use of the PATTA logo on your company materials
  • Huge discounts from industry leading suppliers including for labels, software and calibration, which save our members more than the joining fee alone.
  • Listing on our Find a PAT tester directory if you run a business.
  • The opportunity to speak to some of the industry’s leading operators helping you get the most out of your membership and to support you when you need it.
  • Annual networking opportunities
  • Access to our private members only Facebook group
  • £55 discount against our upgrade price when PATTA relaunches later this year.

Application to Join

To become a member of PATTA you need to apply and pay your joining fee, we will then process your application.

Membership Level Price
Join today then annual renewal £55.00 per annum Apply