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Is the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association for you?

A membership to PATTA will benefit you if you agree that the industry needs to be better monitored and managed; if you are concerned about standards, qualifications, training, support, regulation, decision making, etc. then a PATTA membership will benefit you.

The people behind PATTA are aiming to improve all these things, over the next X number of years. Already involved in the content for the next Code of Practice, and the ‘go to’ for statements on appliance safety from various UK bodies, PATTA is making progress. You can be a part of that. 

A PATTA membership is not going to guarantee you more work, although the fact that you are a member of PATTA, and thus agree to work to the professional standards required of a PATTA member, you should get more of a chance of more work. However, PATTA do not promise you more work, and do not aim to get enquiries for you. 

A PATTA membership does help to connect you with other PAT professionals; through our members directory, Facebook group and regular meet ups there are ample opportunities to meet new people, build relations and friendships. 

A PATTA membership also gets you discount on Calibration and labels, as well as equipment and software purchases. Some of our members report to saving as much as £300.00 per year off the cost of PAT labels; that’s 6 times the cost of a membership! 

PATTA members want to raise standards in the industry, they want to make improvements and be listened to by the powers that be; they want someone to represent them at important meetings where the content being discussed affects them and their futures.

Join us – Help us – Support us

We invite you to help make a difference – join us

When you’re part of a supportive community, really great things happen.

You make new friends and have people to share your news with. You have somebody to turn to when you need an extra pair of hands, and people to answer your questions; people to recommend if a job comes up elsewhere, and a network of people to help you with that national contract.

You learn from others and have people to talk to when you have a problem.

The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is making a difference for our industry; doors are opening for us and we’re talking to the right people – we are making a difference, but we need your support. The small fee you pay to become a member goes a long way helping PATTA to have influence in the changes that are needed. 

Being a PATTA member gives you access to exclusive members only pages on this website, and our private Facebook group to chat. There’s access to support documents and business templates, discounts on labels, calibrations and equipment, even to expert training and regular opportunities to meet other members socially. 

PATTA members are expected to have standards; PATTA has its own professional standards and members are expected to follow them; if you care about what you do, your standards are probably inline anyway. 

PATTA is not a regulator, it is an association – you are not accredited when joining; anyone can apply to become a member and there is no pass/fail scenarios, although we do not tolerate anyone who may be seen to bring the reputation of the association or the industry into disrepute. 

Join Us

There is just one membership to PATTA; a membership. 

The membership can be for you as a person, or for your company; if you apply as a person, your name will be on your membership, and if you apply as a business, the company name will be on your membership. It’s your choice. 

You can apply for a membership by completing the form below, then set up a direct debit for your annual subscription via Go Cardless.

The first payment will be taken from your bank within 7 days of you completing the form. The payment will be repeated every 12 months, until YOU cancel the payment with Go Cardless. If you cancel the payment your membership will be cancelled too; if you miss a payment the same applies. 

If you would rather pay by BACS email us, and we’ll raise an invoice, including a £20.00 admin charge – fill out the form below but do not complete the direct debit form. 

All members have access to benefits, discounts, support documents, membership cards (additional fees apply), Facebook group, Certificate by post (additional fees apply), etc. 

As a PATTA member your work is expected to comply with these professional standards. 

Pay by direct debit
£50.00 per year
>Membership of PATTA for a business
>Use of the Facebook group
>Access to the members area
>Access to all member benefits and discounts
>Access to Company Document templates
>A members' certificate with business name
>Listing on the members directory
>Use of the PATTA logo
>Payment by Go Cardless direct debit