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Become a PATTA member

PATTA” is an association of people operating in the trade of PAT testing; anyone who has an interest in or operates in the PAT testing industry can apply to become a member of the association. 

The main purpose of PATTA is to represent members and the industry as a whole when discussions happen that affect our lives; doing so takes a lot of time, effort and money, most of which we do out of our own pockets. Your subs help us to cover some of these costs, and the general of running the association. 

PATTA tries to provide guidance, help and support to our members when it is requested; if you feel you need any help please contact us by email, and the most appropriate person will respond. 

As a PATTA member you will be connected to other members, some of whom are very experienced who can help you with your queries, so the Facebook group is the first place you should seek help from. 

Membership costs just £5.00 per month, payable by direct debit. 

To join, all you need to do is complete the form below with all your details, then submit, when you will be redirected to a form to set up your direct debit. Your membership will be activated as soon as we receive the first payment (usually within 7 days) and you will be notified of that by email. 

In the email you will be given instructions on how to make the most of your membership and your members’ certificate will be attached. 

For information:

  • Membership of PATTA is for a person, not a business. If you happen to have a business you will benefit from the discounts on offer and the website link in your profile. 
  • If you have employees who want membership access, such as to the Facebook group – they will have to sign up separately. 
  • Being a member of PATTA means you have standards in your work, and are supporting PATTA in what it is trying to achieve. 
  • Anyone thought to be bringing the name of PATTA into disrepute risks having their membership cancelled without warning
  • If your direct debit is cancelled before the full term is complete your membership will be cancelled automatically. 
  • Every PATTA member who runs a business must have public liability insurance as a minimum. 

As a thank you for joining we have created a number of ‘benefits’; which are added extras we have acquired to thank you for joining us. They include: 

  • Discounts off labels, calibration, software and equipment. 
  • Use of the PATTA logo on your company documents and clothing, etc.
  • Access to our members only Facebook group
  • An invite to our annual members meet up. 

A PATTA subscription costs just £60.00 a year, which is a steal when you think you’ll get 25% off every order from PAT Labels Online  – known to save some members over £500 each year! 

If you are ready to sign up as a member of PATTA click the big green button below. 

Joining is a two step process: Firstly there is an application form to complete, then there you need to set up the payment. The process is continuous from when you click the sign up option that best suits the membership you require.