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Become a PATTA member

Do you want to help us raise awareness and raise standards, whilst having a body represent you and your business? If so join PATTA. 

As a member of PATTA you can help us to promote what we are trying to achieve – raising standards. 

Raising standards in the industry can help us all; it helps to show customers why they should look at quality rather than quantity, service over price, etc. 

Everyone complains about low prices, sticker jockeys etc – that’s never going to change unless we all work together to promote what is good in our industry. 

PATTA” is an association of people operating in the trade of PAT testing; anyone who has an interest in or operates in the PAT testing industry can apply to become a member of the association. 

As a PATTA member you will be connected to other members, some of whom are very experienced who can help you with your queries, so the Facebook group is the first place you should seek help from. 

Membership costs just £50.00 per year, payable by direct debit – that’s less than a fiver a month! 

To join, all you need to do is click on sign up button below, complete the direct debit form then complete the next application form.

Your membership application will be processed and within approximately 10 days will be activated, assuming there are no major issues detected.

You will be notified of your membership activation by email.

For information:

  • Membership of PATTA is for a person, not a business. If you happen to have a business you will benefit from the discounts on offer and the website link in your profile. 
  • If you have employees who want membership access, such as to the Facebook group – contact us – they can have access for a one-off £10.00 fee
  • Being a member of PATTA means you have standards in your work, and are supporting PATTA in what it is trying to achieve. 
  • Anyone thought to be bringing the name of PATTA into disrepute risks having their membership cancelled without warning
  • For your membership to continue, each payment must be made.
  • Every PATTA member who runs a business must have public liability insurance as a minimum. 
  • PATTA is not a regulator. 

As a thank you for joining we have created a number of ‘benefits’; which are added extras we have acquired to thank you for joining us. They include: 

  • Discounts off labels, calibration, software and equipment. 
  • Use of the PATTA logo on your company documents and clothing, etc.
  • Access to our members only Facebook group
  • An invite to our annual members meet up. 

A PATTA subscription costs just £50.00 a year, which is a steal when you think you’ll get 25% off every order from PAT Labels Online  – known to save some members over £500 each year! 

If you are ready to sign up as a member of PATTA sign up below.  

Note: Please make sure all spellings are correct on the application as details will be copied and pasted onto the members directory. The directory includes your logo, business name, town/city, link to website and telephone number so make sure what you provide in the application is correct. If you are not registering as a business your name will be listed below the business members. 

Join PATTA today