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PATTA Members can use the PATTA logo on stationery, clothing, websites, etc. Showing our logo shows potential clients you have standards and want to help raise standards in the industry. 

You will get a listing on the members directory as well as on our members list; so that is two links to your website from two different websites. 

You also have access to the Facebook members group for discussions and guidance. 

In addition members get discounts off labels, training, calibration, software and equipment. 

Membership to PATTA costs just £50.00 per year payable by direct debit. 

PATTA is not a regulator; it is as an association that represents its members and the industry when decisions are being made that affects it. 

PATTA is on the IET panel for the Code of Practice, as well as other industry and government panels. 

Payment is made through Go Cardless, all set up online automatically.

After doing the direct debit form you will be redirected to an application form on this website to complete. When you submit that we will action your application:

Over the next 7-14 days we will register you as a member, set you up on our members list, and send a confirmation email including certificate with further instructions. 

Your membership will continue as long as your annual subscription is paid; if you cancel it, your membership will run to the expiry date then terminate. If you want to renew you will need to re-apply as a new member at the new member rate at that time. The direct debit will continue until you cancel it. 

Member benefits:

  • Access to support and guidance
  • Access to business document templates
  • Access to our exclusive, private group on Facebook
  • Access to member meet-ups 
  • Discount off labels 
  • Discount off calibration
  • Discount off software 
  • Listing in our online directory with website link
  • Use of the PATTA logo on your company documents, website etc. 
  • Members’ Certificate

*Depending on numerous factors your membership could be accepted within hours, or days, or even weeks, but the maximum time is 21 days. Your membership will not be fully activated until after your payment is received, which will be at least 7 days after you sign up. 

Pay annual subscription of £50.00 by Direct Debit