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Become a PATTA member

Joining PATTA couldn’t be simpler; all you need to do is pay through PayPal, complete an application form, then complete a second form to list your business on the directory.

  1. Pay – you pay using a card of your choosing to PayPal, you pay your joining fee of £55.00 today, then are set up with an annual recurring payment of £55.00 which will continue to recur every year until you cancel your membership.
  2. After you have done that you need to click on “return to merchant” at the bottom of the screen to complete your application form
  3. When you submit that you will be sent to third page to add your company to the members’ directory*

*Please note: If you pay but don’t do the application form your payment will be taken, but you will not be recognised as a member until you do; if you do the application form but not the directory form your business will not be listed on the directory – if you then want to add your company at a later date you will have to pay a £25.00 admin charge to do so. 

PATTA membership is for people and businesses; if you have one person in your company or 20 the fee is the same. 

PATTA is not a regulator; we are not going to check you are competent to do your work, we assume that you are professional enough to do that yourself. 

If we find you are bringing the association or the industry in to disrepute your membership may be cancelled without notice or refund. 

Remember when you join PATTA you are joining an association that it trying to improve our industry, you are showing your support for the work we do. You do get some discounts as benefits, and other benefits such as access to our Facebook group, but PATTA isn’t going to be supplying you with loads of regular information, there’ll be no junk mail and we’re not here to get you more work. The work we do is usually long term, slow and not very exciting really – we rarely have much we can say about it until its done, in fact even then a lot of our work can go unnoticed, not to say it isn’t important. The Code of Practice 5th edition work we did happened over 2 years, and most of it was confidential until the book was launched! But we do appreciate your support. Without this ‘donation’ from our members we would have to pay all the costs ourselves; not just some of them. 

As a thank you for joining we have created a number of ‘benefits’; which are added extras we have acquired to thank you for joining us. They include: 

  • Discounts off labels, calibration, software and equipment. 
  • Use of the PATTA logo on your company documents and clothing, etc.
  • Access to our members only Facebook group
  • An invite to our annual members meet up. 

A PATTA subscription costs just £55.00 a year, which is a steal when you think you’ll get 25% off every order from PAT Labels Online  – known to save some members over £500 each year! 

If you are ready to sign up as a member of PATTA apply below.