PATTA Members Register

The members register is a list of every member of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association; every member is listed. Here you will find their membership number (in order from date joined), their business name, lead contact name and email address.

If you want to check if someone is a member this is the list to use; everyone here is a member, and the list is updated monthly. If you have or are about to use a contractor claiming to be a member who is not listed report them here

If you are looking for a PAT tester in your area you need to search our UK PAT Testing Directory.


Our Members


Member ID Trading Name Member Name Contact Email
180901 FTS Safety Solutions Andrew Mitchell
180902 CJM PAT Testing Chris Moore
180903 DRA PAT Testing Ltd Richard Ayre
180904 Ultimate IES Ltd Steve Gubb
180905 Marks PAT Testing Mark Davis
180906 Durham PAT Testing Ed Gorman
180907 Atman UK Ltd Ed Cummings
180908 FairPAT Alec Clarke
180909 T-P-T Teesside Jeffrey Maron
180910 DAB Testing Services Dave Baker
180911 Taf Solutions 18 Tony Findlay
180912 David Holt Engineering David Holt
180913 Bee Safe Portable Appliance Testing  Dennis Lang
180914 Morhen and Sons Russell Morhen
180915 Rognic Electrical Services Roger Lowden
180916 Fair-Pat Gordon Bennison
180917 Romford PAT Testing Gary Collins
180918 PAT-IT Lee Turtle
180919 PAT Testing Expert  Tim James
180920 Green Sparks Electrics Jim Green
180921 Initial PAT Testing Phil Pantling
180922 Bishop Auckland PAT Testing  Justin Keegan
180923 Smart PAT Testing Neil Burke
180924 DMB Services  Dave Bridgewater
180925 SMC PAT Testing Les Carrigan-Smith
180926 Lincs PAT Testing Neil Leak
180927 R Baker Electrical Gareth Baker
181001 RT Testing Roger Thornby
181002 PAT Testing Solutions Manchester Mike Hughes
181003 MLT PAT Services Martin Tolson
181004 Skybur Testing Adrian Burks
181005 PAT Test Me UK Steve Matthews
181006 Northern PAT Guard Sean Woodward
181007 IDG Tool Repair Ian Griffiths
181101 Britannia Fire Compliance Terry Hughes
181102 Allsafe PAT Testing Services Glyn Maddock
181103 Caterham PAT Testing Ben Morrison
181104 GS Services Geoffrey Stock
181105 Plymouth Sparky David Prout
181106 Antsy PAT Testing John Fitzgerald
181107 Halls RMS ltd David Halls
181108 Emerald PAT testing Stuart Smith



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  • This list will be updated once monthly
  • Members are listed in order of their membership number