The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association
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PATTA is committed to Encourage, Educate and Implement Professional Standards

The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is an organisation of people involved in the “In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment” industry. The industry/service otherwise known as PAT testing employs hundreds of people in the UK; most of whom care passionately about the standards and importance of their work. 

PATTA” aims to support the people who are carrying out professional appliance testing services; these people who are dedicated to providing high standards to their customers. PATTA has working standards that all members are expected to adhere to. PATTA represents it’s members, whether they are individuals or companies.

PATTA, as an association, lobbies government, local authorities and other organisations to adopt high standards, and practices to raise standards in the industry. The long term aim is to create nationally recognised standards of operation for all people and companies operating in the industry.

PATTA is managed, day to day, by a Steering Group of 6 members. 

PATTA is currently involved in discussions with various UK organisations, including the Government, and is part of the panel currently updating the IET’s Code of Practice to a 5th edition.

PATTA Membership

Membership of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association is a great way to inspire confidence in prospective customers, as they need to know that their electrical equipment will be maintained to a safe standard. 

Membership of the association should be invaluable in helping you to access best practices, business support and guidance. Members of PATTA demand standards, which should inspire confidence in you from your customers. 

You can become a member of PATTA by paying a small fee annually or 6-monthly, that helps towards the costs of the work we are doing. 

Why an association is important

Before “PATTA” came along the PAT testing industry had no-one to represent it; no one speaking for it – it had no voice. In an industry that is discussed in many many meetings, that is quite a shocking revelation. 

Meetings are happening all the time; in organisations and governments, discussions are being had that affect the work we do, how we do it, what we do, who does it, why its done, etc. etc. and until now those discussions have been held without any real representation for the industry. The association attends meetings that affect all our futures, and now presents a voice, not just a voice, but a powerful voice which is respected. 

The work we do, as a collective steering group, representing you, our members and our industry is important. We do it now, we were doing it before we had members and we’ll continue to do it, because we know it is important. We would be delighted to have your support. We ask for any people in the industry who want to be represented, who want their voice to be heard, to join us. In return for a small annual fee, we provide exclusive benefits, a website directory link and the opportunity to network with other “PAT testers”.