How TAP Compliments PAT

How to make messy cables look neat and tidy

d-line cable tidy box

It is a fact that in our so-called wireless age we’ve more cables than ever before. A recent survey by D-Line, the Newcastle-upon-Tyne based cable management experts, revealed that the typical UK desk accounts for average twenty-metres of exposed cables.

If that sounds a lot, consider the phone, computer and monitor, printer and the rest, plus an extension socket, and various charger cables, and it’s easy to appreciate just how much we depend on cables to power our workplace essentials.

As Neil Hillerby from D-Line Facilities Products channel commented ‘We complain when these cables look a mess and inefficient, waste our time retrieving lost or dropped cords, make areas impossible to clean around, or bring health and safety risks that can be serious (and the subject of litigations)’.

Messy cables on an extension lead

While PAT testing is a most essential element in safety management, really it should be part of good housekeeping commitments that maintain a focus on cable management also.

Such a joined up approach to well-being makes a huge contribution to a positive health and safety culture, that can support productivity too.

The value of clean and organised workspaces is respected by Six Sigma principles too, with the need for effective cable management also being a consistent call of various guides and codes of practice since Health and Safety at Work Act 1970.

D-Line’s family of cable organiser products enables PAT testers and Facilities Managers to at least be assured that risks are being ongoing minimised. As Neil continued ‘ TAP is the perfect complement to PAT, the other side of exactly the same focus.

In D-Line cable management context, TAP means Trip & Accident Prevention!’

For example, risks of split insulation and broken conductors or loosened connections are far less likely if cables are being safely housed in ways that are less accessible.

Note that D-Line Cable Organiser Boxes offer popular ways to contain extension blocks and excess cable lengths. The stylish boxes, fully safety tested, have entry and exit slots for routing cables in ways that eliminate risk of spaghetti-like clusters.

Around desks, adding security labels can further reduce the temptation of employees to access the socket block; protecting the cables while minimising risk of socket misuse or overload.

Really the D-Line range and benefits are too varied to mention all… except to say that aside the obvious complements to PAT testing, being able to reduce for example dust-mite allergens by cleaning, or saving lost production time by simply keeping cables where they are needed, both add to the premise that investing in cable management products can be a small price to pay for the ongoing safety and value benefits.

D-Line products are manufactured in UK, and available from all leading electrical and office/workplace distributors.

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