Applicants agree to the following scheme rules


  • A completed application form shall be submitted online in respect of the applicant or business
  • The address given will be the registered Head Office or Trading address
  • The person named must be the owner, or senior director, not a member of staff
  • By applying the applicant undertakes to patta that if the application is accepted, the applicant will comply with the patta rules including the Working and (later) Professional Standards. patta agree to comply with these rules and notify you of any amendments within a reasonable time

Application fees and charges

  • patta will publish fees and charges, payable by direct debit
  • The fee stated on this website at the time of the application is the fee the applicant will be expected to pay for 12 consecutive months or as a one-off upfront payment.
  • The fee will not change during the term of membership, or providing the membership is renewed on time. Membership payments are on a rolling period, that is they will continue to renew at the agreed rate until stopped by the member.
  • If the membership is cancelled (including by cancelling the direct debit) the applicant will need to re-apply at the current rate, as stated on this website.
  • There are no refunds given for fees paid.
  • If a membership is cancelled by patta, fees paid to that date, will not be reimbursed.

Requirements for Registration

An applicant may apply for registration if it:

  • is directly engaged in PAT work (business applications)
  • does PAT as part of another job or is employed as a PAT tester (personal applications)
  • has documentation and records appropriate to the range of PAT work undertaken, which shall include guidance material prescribed by, and supplied by patta, appropriate Bristish Standards, Codes of Practice, qualifications and training, and evidence of public liability insurance for the range of PAT work undertaken
  • has test instruments appropriate to the range and scale of PAT work undertaken, and records for ongoing calibration
  • has a documented health and safety policy statement and carries out risk assessments as appropriate
  • employs only competent persons to carry out work


The named applicant is responsible for:

  • all matters relating to registration and will be the main point of contact for all communication with patta
  • the maintenance of the overall standard and quality of PAT work carried out by or managed by you and for the assignment of PAT work
  • ensuring that there are systems in place to ensure all PAT work is carried out by competent persons
  • ensuring the day to day safety, technical standard and quality of PAT work carried out under the business name
  • ensuring competent persons have the appropriate technical standards of PAT work
  • fulfilling the appropriate training requirements
  • being conversant with the current additions of the Electricity at Work Regulations, associated guidance material from patta and British Standards and the industry Codes of Practice
  • the inspection, testing, verification and certification procedures for the range of PAT work undertaken
  • safeguarding patta branded documents against theft, loss or unauthorised use
  • ensuring results of PAT inspection and testing are properly recorded on the appropriate forms of certification, and reviews and confirms the results for acceptability.

Application Assessment

  • The extent of the assessment will be prescribed by patta having regard to the range, scale and geographical spread of the PAT work carried out

Effect of registration

  • When registration is granted the trading title of the applicant will be included on the members list (updated once monthly)
  • Registration will be effective from the date patta are satisfied conditions have been met, subject to the first (or full) payment being received.
  • Use of patta branded forms, marks, logos and membership certificate
  • You are entitled to a Membership Certificate and to advertise that fact
  • You are granted a non-exclusive license to use the patta logos in relation to your PAT work, as long as you remain a registered member.
  • When you offer to undertake the certification of PAT work, you are permitted to confirm that you are registered with patta for work included in your scope of registration
  • patta may from time to time issue further binding instructions on the use of logos, Trade Marks by you; you shall comply with any instructions
  • Branded forms and documents issued by patta are for use by you only and are not to be sold on or passed to non-members
  • Conditions for Continued Registration

You are eligible for continued registration as long as:

  • patta are satisfied that you continue to comply with the scheme rules and
  • payment of all fees are being met, on time, as agreed

Your continued registration is your acceptance to any changes made to the Scheme Rules and requirements, including increases to fees

Changes of Registration Particulars or Transfer of Registration

  • You shall give written notice to patta of any change of legal constitution, trading title, address, principal person or other significant particulars or declarations upon the basis of which registration was granted.

Periodic Assessment

  • For the purpose of determining your continued eligibility for registration, you shall undergo periodic assessments at such times as patta requires


  • You shall not sub-contract PAT work without first informing the person ordering the work
  • You are liable for the work of the sub-contractor
  • By sub-contracting work, the sub-contractor is not deemed a patta member, unless they are already a patta member


  • Where a complain is received by patta, alleging to the PAT work undertaken by you, patta will investigate and deal with it based on the findings at the time.

Cancellation of Registration

  • patta may at any time cancel your membership, if circumstances deem you to be bringing the association into disrepute
  • You may at any time cancel your membership; it is your responsibility to cancel the direct debit.


All information, acquired by patta in respect of you, other than that published in the members list, shall be held in confidence, and except as required by law, by these rules or to confirm compliance, shall not be disclosed by patta to a third party without prior written agreement from you

Professional Conduct

In order to provide the best service patta are committed to the wellbeing of members and the public. patta expect members using its services and brand to treat others with courtesy and respect. Verbal abuse, harassment and violence is unacceptable and patta will not hesitate to take action which could lead to prosecution and or removal of registration.