• Not every application will be accepted
  • You must meet the required credentials of an applicant
  • The form must be completed by the applicant
  • Contact details for the applicant must be correct



The form must be completed by the applicant

  • All the information we request is about you as the applicant, or related to you and your business.
  • It is you that is the member


Contact details for the applicant

  • The only contact details we display on this website are your name (in the members list), company name and website (on the member directory)
  • The email address and telephone number you provide must be the best for us to contact you on, and you are responsible for updating us if there is a change. Updates should be emailed to accounts@patta.co.uk. The details provided must also match the details which you provide for your payment.

Website Directory listing

  • Every member that runs a business, and has a business website is given one listing on the member directory, in the geographical region that they choose based on the list provided; the regions will not be changed. If a member wants listings on additional regions these can be added for an additional fee of £1.00 per month per listing (so if you have 3 listings over 3 regions in total 1 is included in your package and 2 are paid for, so you will pay £24.00 for the additional listings). We only list your town (the one you give us in your original application as default) and your business name, with the link hidden in the business name.