PAT testing companies in the South East

All these PAT testing companies are based in the South East of England, and they are all members of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association. 

The aim of the association is to encourage the raising of standards throughout the industry, and a member should support this. All our members have agreed to operate within the guidance of our professional working standards, which should give you as a customer of theirs some peace of mind. We cannot guarantee their competence to do the job but hope by being a member and operating to our standards that they display an acceptable level of competency. 

If you are looking for a PAT testing company in this area have a look at our members below, if you click on their logo you will be directed through to their website. You should also see their location and contact number below. 

If a member doesn’t have a logo or link to a website it either means they haven’t provided us with these, or they are not currently taking on new business. We have some members that are not trading companies. 

If you are finding it difficult to locate a suitable company to carry out electrical testing for you get in touch with us and we will try to recommend a suitable provider. 

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FTS Safety Solutions

FTS PAT testing Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes


Andrew Mitchell

CJM PAT Testing

pat testing Southampton



Chris Moore

DAB Testing

dab pat testing uk



Dave Baker

Purplewood PAT testing

Purplewood PAT testing

East Sussex


Jamie Wood

Morhen and Sons

Morhen and Sons pat testing faversham



Russell Morhen

Catering PAT testing

caterham pat testing



Ben Morrison

Ragstones Limited


High Wycombe


Philip Atkinson

Southern PAT Testing

Southern pat testing



Robert Thompson

PAT Test Me UK

PAT test me UK Surrey



Steve Matthews

esi: Electrical Safety Inspections

ESI Electrical safety inspections



Jamie Morgan

Ultimate Compliance

Ultimate ies

Kent PAT testing

Kent pat testing



Ed Cummings

SE Electrics Surrey

SE electrics Surrey logo

Epsom, Surrey

0800 448 0164

Florin Nistor

Kingsmead PAT testing

High Wycombe


Grant Foster

PAT 786

Barking, Essex

07306 500786

Sayyed Vaseem Hussain

IDG Tool Repair and Electrical Testing

David Holt Engineering



David Holt

Woods of Winchester Electrical Services

Winchester, Hampshire

Simon Woods


Epsom, Surrey


Gary Langley

PAT Testing Company

PAT Testing company Southampton

Eric Bhakar



Essex PAT

Tony Tassell

Sudbury, Suffolk

01787 464299

South East PAT Testing

South east pat testing

Neil Wright

West Malling, Kent


Anderson Compliance testing

Anderson compliance testing

Jason Anderson



Positive PAT testing

Louise Rouse

Frinton on Sea


About the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association

Portable Appliance Testing is an essential part of any business/organisations’ health and safety policy; it is a procedure carried out on every electrical appliance that is fitted with a plug. It is carried out (or should be) in every business location, for every home-working business owner, on every appliance that is taken from one location and used in another for business purposes, and every appliance that is used in domestic settings where the property is rented or leased. 

Despite this fact that the procedure is carried out on literally millions of electrical appliances every year, for millions of customers, by hundreds of companies, the industry is still currently unregulated, and until “PATTA” came along, un-represented. 

The closest the PAT testing industry comes to a regulation is the guidance document; The Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment issued by the Institute of Engineering and Technology

There are regulatory bodies for the electrical industry as a whole but these mainly cater for electricians, and joining for PAT alone can be expensive and invaluable. 

This association represents its members and the industry when it needs to be represented, including for example on the panel that writes the Code of Practice (since 2018). 

You can become a part of the association and help us to continue to be able to represent our members by paying a small annual subscription in exchange for some exclusive member discounts; all you need to do is join up here

The companies you are seeing on this page are members of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association; companies based in the United Kingdom that are already supporting us through a membership. 

Each of these companies applied to become a member; we are an association for the trade rather than a regulator, so we do not regulate our members however we do ask for background information on our members such as what training they have done, and if they have appropriate insurance to trade. They are also expected to operate at all times in keeping with our Working Standards. If you have any feedback on a member, whether good or bad, or have an issue with a member you need help with get in touch.  

Each of these companies is paying an annual subscription which is used to help grow the association and to cover the costs of representing the members. Travelling to meetings, usually in London, can be expensive, and whilst those who attend don’t claim much back we believe that they should not be out of pocket by doing so, although they usually are because what we make doesn’t cover all costs. 

PATTA is ran by 2 founding directors who started up all the way back in 2012, although we have only formally been a trade association since 2012; and a steering group made up of volunteers from the membership who have applied to help steer the association. Any member can apply to join the steering group; it is not an elected committee. If you feel you have something to offer, and can commit to attending at least 2 meetings per year at your own expense (which could be anywhere in the country), and are prepared to give up some of your own time to help others, then we would love to hear from you. Simply get in touch, sending an email to us explaining what you can offer and  we will discuss it between us, before replying. 

As mentioned above, PATTA is managed by volunteers, and they when they have time write articles and produce videos to try to help and guide our members. Some of our latest posts are referenced below. 

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