To Join PATTA you must pay

We thank you for considering joining us; your support is appreciated. The money you pay goes towards helping us improve the industry.

As a thank you for joining us we have a few discounts we can give our members including money off labels and calibration.

Unfortunately we have had a few situations where people have joined us just to get the discounts, then cancelled their memberships – if you’re serious about joining PATTA you need to know that you’re joining a cause trying to raise standards, not just to get a discount.

In order to prevent this happening (as it’s actually a drain on our admin time) we now ask you to pay the joining fee up front, with your membership renewing each year you pay the next subscription, which is taken automatically through PayPal.

If you no longer want to be a member, all you need to do is cancel your subscription with PayPal. When a subscription cancels we will remove your details from the website.

Use this click button for PayPal to pay your joining fee today, and to sign up as a recurring member. Your membership will continue to renew annually until you stop the payment. Please note we send out a welcome pack and certificate when you join; we don’t send out up-dated certificates on renewal unless you request them.