Beyond the Code of Practice

Beyond the Code of Practice

PATTA is having an afternoon event on Friday 20th May, when our guest speaker, Jim Wallace will be talking to us about “Beyond the Code of Practice”.

This is a face to face event; come and listen / speak to independent Standards Specialist Mr Jim Wallace, formerly of Seaward Electronics talk about “Beyond the Code of Practice“, with an opportunity to also network with other PAT testers.

Tim James (PAT Testing Expert) and Jim Wallace will be having a live discussion, to explain how the IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing (CoP) fits in with other UK standards for product safety.

Often we see lively discussions on social media about various issues around PAT Testing. Often people take their guidance from, and argue their case very aggressively, based solely on the CoP without any knowledge or understanding of other relevant product safety standards.

You might have thought ‘why has my brand new Argos toaster been supplied with a 13A fuse but only 0.75mm2 cable’ or ‘why have Dell put a 13A fuse in all of the computer mains leads?’ ‘Why is an extension lead made of 0.75mm2 cable not safe, but a kettle with the same cable considered acceptable?

There is also a lot of confusion about the leakage tests (Protective Conductor Current test or Touch current test) and the recent change to 5 mA in the CoP which is considered by many to be very high.

Many PAT Testing courses (especially those which follow the C&G route) concentrate solely on the Code of Practice without covering any of the other relevant British and European manufacturing or test standards. A basic overview of those other standards is definitely useful for those carrying PAT testing on a day to day basis.

It’s obviously not possible to answer every query in a 2 hour session but we are hopeful for some lively discussion, and we aim to offer some common sense and practical advice which will be useful to you in your PAT Testing work.

Jim Wallace was formerly a Standards Specialist at Seaward and now works independently. He was on the IET committee that updated the 3rd and 4th editions of the CoP and has also worked on BS 50678 and BS 50699; and has also recently updated the CoP for testing in the hire industry. He will be sharing his knowledge of these documents and how they fit in with current PAT Testing trends and standards.

Tim James is Standards Director of PATTA and also runs a consultancy ‘PAT Testing Expert.’ He has been involved in the PAT Testing Industry for more than 30 years. He worked with the IET on the 5th edition CoP, consults with government and Trading Standards on electrical safety issues and regularly teaches PAT Testing courses across the UK.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions throughout the forum session.

The session will precede with a 60 minute networking session including sandwich lunch, coffee, etc.

13:00 – 14:00 Networking

14:00 – 16:00 Forum Discussion

16:00 – 16:30 Networking

This is a ticketed event, to get your ticket please visit Eventbrite – this event is for PATTA members only.

Places are limited so get your ticket secured today.

On the evening the PATTA committee are having dinner at a local restaurant; you are welcome to join us. Please let us know asap if you would like to come to the evening dinner.