It is with great sadness that we have to post this news update, but we have lost one of our own, our good friend and colleague; Andrew Mitchell. 

Andrew Mitchell

Andrew sadly passed away on Sunday 9th January 2022 after battling with a long term illness.

Andrew was a major part in the founding of PATTA and quickly became a key member to help form our working standards back in 2018.

Andrew has been a huge influence as part of our steering group, and will be a massive miss.

Andrew’s professionalism and experience in his trade became valuable to engineers out in the field and he was always available for any advice.

We recall one of his memories he shared with the PATTA committee…

He was testing at Buckingham Palace, when a watchman opened a door for him. The watchman ushered him through, whereupon he found himself on THE balcony! and yes ending up waving at the crowds gathered outside!

He had us all in hysterics.

It was always heart warming listening to Andrew’s success stories, he was always so proud of his achievements, especially his work with the local fire brigades.

His advice was taken very seriously, this backed up with the amazing achievements; creating FTS Safety Solutions Ltd and being awarded an iso9001 was incredible.

Andrew bounced ideas around with us all at PATTA meetings and we all help each other out with advice. But more often than not we would just end up having a really good chat.

We knew Andrew for just a few years, but we are all so glad that we could be just a small part of his life, learning and working with him.

He will be missed by all at PATTA and their members.

Rest in peace Andrew, you truly are in a safer place now.