The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association was formed in 2013 to provide a voice for people working in the “PAT” testing industry when they need it and to create opportunities for like minded small business owners to network and grow their businesses together.

Events and meetings are happening all the time where decisions are being made that affect our futures, but until now there has been nobody representing us, or putting across our opnions and objections.

PATTA runs 3-4 member meet ups every year, at different locations around the UK, where members can network with their peers in relaxed surroundings. This is a great way to build relations and make new contacts. The next meet up is in Newcastle upon Tyne in December. 

PATTA is a voice for the “PAT testing” industrythat is the number 1 objective and where we spend most of our time.  

PATTA” was formed by people who felt there was a need for the industry to be represented; others have tried but none have achieved what we have done so far. There are issues in this industry that we are all fully aware of, and that affects us, whether it is in the work we do, the opinion people have of us or how we manage our businesses.

A major issue for PAT testing is the lack of regulation; whilst there are laws that affect and “recommend” what we do, there are no clear regulations, only guidance. This has led to low quality training, lacklustre qualifications, companies with low standards, and lots of corner cutting and price wars. In addition the guidance hasn’t always been well received and is generally confusing and not very direct. 

PATTA is finding out that there are people making decisions that affect our industry who know nothing about it, or who don’t accept the benefits of it – that’s why it is so important that we are there fighting our corner.

PATTA has now represented the industry in government meetings in Parliament, with the IET, City and Guilds, British Standards and many more – we have met some amazing people, we are building good contacts and we are getting noticed – we’re getting invited to new meetings and discussion boards all the time.

We know that there are many people who feel like we do that there are standards that need raising, so why not help us make a difference. If you feel the qualification needs updating, or guidance is lacking, get involved and help us improve them.

You have an opportunity to become a member of the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association for a small annual subscription; the money you pay goes a long way to helping to raise standards in our industry, which can only be good for all of us. 

PATTA is connecting peoplethat is our 2nd objective

Before PATTA came along the only place “PAT” operatives could network with others was through online forums, and social media groups – this often led to bickering and unhelpful comments; PATTA saw an opportunity to provide something more ‘adult’ – we created a private members only group on Facebook where bullying is not tolerated and members are professional and respectful. We also provide 3-4 meet ups each year that members are encouraged to attend, as a unique opportunity to get to know fellow operators. 

PATTA currently has over 70 members, most of whom work as PAT operators or run their own businesses. We are proud to be supported by each of these; each having an aim to help us raise industry standards. 

Anyone can apply to become a PATTA member, for a small annual subscription we offer networking opportunities, provide guidance and support where its needed, give you a listing in our members directory including a link to your own website, a profile on our members site and a selection of discounts off the likes of labels and calibration. 

PATTA encourages, educates, supports and guidesthat’s the 3rd objective. 

By providing members with useful business document templates, producing informative articles, support and guidance PATTA does what it can to help the industry. PATTA does not claim to be the expert or the ‘go to’ for everything appliance testing related, nor are we a one-stop-shop covering everything, but we do feel that between all our members we have a lot of expertise and high enough standards to be able to make a difference. If you have a question or query that is not answered on our website email us and we’ll try our best to help or guide you.