PAT tester Calibration

PAT tester calibration – is it really necessary? Do I really have to get it done every year?

Members often ask about getting their PAT tester calibrated, and it is a question we often see pop in forums online, “do I really need my PAT tester calibrated every year? It’s such an expense!

I bet your customers are asking the same question about their PAT testing!

However, most responsible people, know the importance of calibrating their equipment. They know how important it is that their PAT tester operates correctly.

PAT tester Calibration

PAT tester Calibration is important because a PAT tester, over time, can drift from its preset manufacturers specifications; the limits of the readings between fail and pass, may over time, alter from what is expected. This can then lead to false test readings, which can be a very risky consequence, especially if the user doesn’t understand what the reasons mean.

If you feel that the results your tester is giving out are not quite right, then it may be time to get your PAT tester calibrated, so that you can be sure it is operating correctly.

If you don’t get your PAT tester calibrated regularly, then you are risking incorrect readings being given, so appliances you are passing may not actually be as safe as you think they are.

PAT tester calibration image of a Calibration certificate issued to DRA PAT Testing plus part of a Seaward Apollo 600 PAT tester

These are the risks of not calibrating your equipment:

  • Incorrect test readings leading to distorted results
  • If an item you passed, which didn’t actually meet the right criteria, causes a shock or fire, you could be held accountable
  • A calibration record proves your equipment is functioning correctly.

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The Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association recommends its members get their PAT testers calibrated every 12 months, at least.