Public comment on the 5th edition

In case you missed it last week, over in our Facebook group Tim posted an update on the Code of Practice 5th edition progress. 

If you didn’t know already Tim has been actively involved with the IET in the writing of the new book for a couple of years now. 

The 5th edition is currently available for public consultation. This is your chance to read through it and query any concerns before it is printed. 

There’s not long though, the deadline for all comments to be submitted is the 13th September. 

If you have any comments you can send them direct to tim using if you want to discuss them first, or post them on the group to chat with other members. The plan is for all PATTA’s members comments to be presented as one to the IET, where they may hold more weight than individual comments. However, if you would rather respond privately you can do that direct to the IET.

Tim says “There’s been a lot of heavy discussion already about the content, but on balance I feel that the 5th edition will be a step forward for our industry. There are many that don’t value the contribution that PAT makes to the safety of our workplaces, but I’m happy that the importance of regular inspections and testing of electrical equipment is still regarded as useful and important by the IET.”

So, have a read and see what you think. 

Download the document here