PAT Testing in a holiday let

In Cornwall, a lot of the County relies heavily on the tourism industry. Since we started testing in the South West, each year, around 30-50% of our business has been through holiday lets alone. There are some Letting agents who insist on a PAT Certificate before they will advertise and let out their property and others that do not. Those that do, are a great source of regular work for my company.

We have built a reputation over the years of respecting the property that we go in to test. That means that agents will trust us with key safe codes and that we will leave the property in an immaculate condition when we have left. Some people love to see your stickers loud and clear on the plugs and some do not. We always take the approach to hide the stickers as best we can in a holiday let unless asked otherwise by the agent or owner.

You may well have to work around cleaners during changeover day or the there may be a vacant week where you can go, but either way, always check with the owner or agent before you attend as people may want to extend their holiday or they may of taken a last minute booking.

Here is a little list of Do’s and Don’ts to consider when testing a holiday property based on our experience;

  • Do remember that although it looks like someone’s home, it is a business
  • Do check on the day or even the day before you’re booked to attend that there hasn’t been a last minute booking or extension
  • Do check where you should put the stickers
  • Do leave the key back in the key safe if provided with the code and randomise the combination
  • Do allow the cleaners to do their job and hopefully they will let you do yours
  • Don’t leave all the crumbs from the toaster on the side after you’ve put the sticker underneath
  • Don’t pull out a washing machine or dishwasher if the supply water pipe is tight
  • Do ensure the internet is working again after you’ve unplugged it
  • Do tell the owner/agent if you find anything untoward as they may not of attended the property in some time
  • Do check with the agent/owner what to do with any fails as they may have a booking going in straight after your test
  • Do be prepared to turn up at a property and the holiday makers are already unpacking their bags to start their holiday and you will have to rearrange
  • Do seek out letting agents as, if they recommend you to their owners, it can be a lucrative source of income if you’re flexible enough to fit the testing in around booking

James Green

Green Sparks PAT Testing