Insurance, what do I need?



         As a sole trader starting out, it would be worth visiting your local broker to discuss exactly what you require with your insurance. Most start with Public Liability of around £2million, however as your business grows it’s recommended to review your insurance year on year (unless unusual circumstances arise, such as working in dangerous places), then you must notify your insurance to make sure you have adequate cover. 

If you employ, then it is a legal requirement to have Employers’ Liability Cover

         Shopping around with the information you gather after your first year will help identify exactly what you need. There are plenty of companies that will fight to get you the best price/deal.

Brokers may get you a cheap price but obviously they have their cut on top, just bare that in mind, such as “Admin Fees”.

         We can all recommend different insurance companies at different prices, don’t be over persuaded to go with one because some have said its cheap, go with what youare comfortable with and covers exactly what youwant/need.