Class II Flex, Clear or same colour flex


         You may occasionally come across Class II flex where it is either transparent or the same colour all the way through.

This does not necessarily mean it’s automatically a fail due to no visible Live Phase (Brown) or Neutral (Blue) to distinguish terminal position within the plug.

This type of flex is mainly found on modern Class II table/bedside lamps/luminaires.

As a lamp (bulb) can be inserted 2 different ways the polarity is not (normally) an issue.

You may find a slight marking/line on one side of the flex signifying Live Phase, but it won’t necessarily be obvious.

Most importantly is that the flex is double insulated and not of Class 0 construction. It will be difficult to see, but modern flex (of this type) should have 2 layers of insulation, therefore safe to use. Sometimes on same colour flex the inner insulation may be a slightly lighter colour.

NOTE—Caution must be maintained to ensure correct identification to insure the it is NOT Class 0