Product Recalls


If you’re not already doing it, adding product recall to your business could help your USP and help your customers safety.

Most people (and we’ve all done it) go out and buy that electrical appliance but take no notice of the “register my appliance” card in the box. Well it is there for a good reason and it’s not just trying to upsell you some extra insurance.

Several PAT firms are registering not just the asset description but Make & Model to the PAT register. This allows clarity on any recall notices that may come up.

Firms such as Electrical Safety First [Product Recall] have a great tool where you can sign up to receive email alerts or indeed search if you are in any doubt about a certain product.

One example where this has helped one of our members is an Asda Toaster. This became a recall through the product recall email. The risk was “Risk of electric shock”. Following the link then showed the model numbers. When he searched his database for this particular make and model, it was identified that one of his customers had 14 flats and 9 of these were supplied with said toaster.

Notifying his customer immediately, they were removed the very next day and received replacements from Asda.

This reduced the risk of injury and protected the landlord’s business from any litigation.

Anyone at any time after purchase, can register there appliance online at Register my Appliance which will notify you of your product if a recall has been issued.

To quote ESF “The average success rate of an electrical product recall in the UK is just 10-20%, this means that there are potentially millions of recalled electrical items still in the UK.”

Information from Electrical Safety First.